Basic Grafana templating variable question for Graphite

I have a basic Graphite query like this:
that I use when creating metrics under a line graph if a Grafana panel.

But when I use that metric to create a templating variable (to be used in a title of another graph) I get the value of “None”. But the metric does have a value (integer) when I use the metric on a line chart.

I tried both the $myvar and {{myvar}} format.


What exactly do you want to get? Graphite support metric names as variable values, so you should use some.series.* as variable expression, not sumSeries(some.series.*), because sumSeries(some.series.*) returns time series.

hi @alexanderzobnin, thanks for you reply.
I want to get the integer value from my sumSeries() expression, and use that as the value for my variable of which I can use in the title or description of other charts.

You cannot take value from time series for template variable. You can use series name or tags only.