Beginner question on variables

Firstly I apologize if I am not in the right place. And I’m not a computer engineer but I’m trying to self-train myself.

I work with a OpenTSDB database, under grafana 3.1 and I have already managed to set up some graphics but I try to use other more advanced features.

Currently, I have a series of group charts and a series of individual charts. But I would like to be able to select the individual graphics via a variable.

I have created a variable “custom” C1, C2, …, C6

And for the moment what I have done works to display a curve but if I select several it does not work anymore.

Thank you in advance,


Hi all,

I found that the filter “literal_or” work like this : RC1|C2|C3.CM.P and not like I expected : RC1.CM.P| RC2.CM.P| RC3.CM.P

Unfortunatly I have several meters (electricity/water …) with différents names except the name of the room (C1 … C6) which change.

Do you have any idea how to make Something clear and user-friendly?

Thank you in advance