Big number of rows support?d

Hello everyone,
I’m using Grafana to monitor a really big number of things, and I noticed that it has some problems (JS not responding) when trying to print on screen something like 400-500 rows each with one panel. Is this normal? Do you have an idea that could help me, besides having several dashboards with less rows?
Thanks for your time. :wink:

I’ve never tested with such a large dashboard but would the lazy loading feature that is coming in 4.3.0 help at all? It means only panels that are visible get their queries executed.

That would definitely help, one question though, do the non loaded panels still have their title (in order to use ctrl+f) ?

P.S.: any idea of a time line for 4.3.0??

4.3.0 should be released soon. This week or next week. We are just finishing off the new Heatmap panel.

Yes, the title is rendered so ctrl+f will work (I tested it now on the latest master).

Thanks for your quick responses, and for the next version.

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