Blank screen instead of plugin 4.4.0 above


When I try to open my plugin in v4.4.0 and v.4.4.1 both gives shows blank.
Same plugin is working in 4.3.1 and 4.3.2.

Is there anything specific I need to do to make a plugin work on v4.4 above?


Check chrome js console for any js errors

No errors in console either.

I was able to run the sample example app fine on 4.4.1 . So currently looking at my plugin settings to see what could be the Issue.

Did it get loaded on startup? Check the Grafana server log after restarting the server to see if it is a parse error (or some other error like a missing file) that is preventing the plugin from being loaded.

There were no parse errors. it gave message as plugin successfully loaded.

changing the id of the app to the format company-appname-app seems to make it work. earlier it was appname-app
Is this something that is strictly enforced in v4.4.x?

There have been no changes in Grafana regarding the plugin id. As I can’t see your code, I’d guess that you had an incorrect path somewhere (the plugin id is part of the path) or that you just needed to restart your server.

hmm could be. Since the same code worked for older grafana version, i didn’t go down that path to check.
Thanks for the help on this… :slight_smile: it working now with the new id.