Bytes per second correctly displayed

I’ll use PRTG to import some stats and want to display some data rates, but the unit conversion goes wrong and I can’t seem to find the solution. Here is the problem.

My input is bytes/sec, but the graph doesn’t show the right value:

But when I select bytes/sec it shows it it bits/sec:

Can someone help me out?

Looks like I’m an idiot, it’s showing the correct data, but is there any way to display the graph in Gbit/sec instead of GByte/sec?

May be you push the wrong channel, because PRTG have total traffic is in GBytes and total bandwidth is in Gbit. Can you send the prints of templates?

Yes, here I’ve got a screenshot of PRTG and a screenshot of Grafana:

i need try replicate your configuration here, but need exactly how to get the info from sensor to see where is the problem (template/variables)