Calculation of Interface traffic Rates

I am using grafana with OpenNMS as the backend data source. I am completely satisfied with grafana as the fronend system and it is an awesome application. I would like to measure traffic rates based on bps or mbps or gbps but I am not certain how to accomplish this. OpenNMS provides the raw traffic amounts but not the rates to grafana. Any assistance would be greatly appreciates.

Thanks Again,

What raw data does OpenNMS provide? Is it a counter or a rate? I’m not familiar with OpenNms, does it have functions for getting rates from counters?

If the data is already in rate form (for example, if your data is stored per second) then Grafana has support for lots of different types of units. In your case, it sounds like you need one of the IEC bytes units:


Thanks you for the prompt response. OpenNMS supplies a counter but I will check on the ability to provide rate functionality. The values for openNMS is strored in a postgres database and no rate information is in the database, only counter information gathered from snmp counters.