Can I add more info to tooltips?

Hi - Is it possible to customize tooltips in Grafana? For instance, I have a scatter plot where I’m plotting price vs time for a bunch of information I’m scraping off of a website. However, each datapoint also has Quantity and Title information, which I would like to display in the tooltip. Is this possible?

Thanks again for your fantastic work.

No this is not possible at the moment.


Is this feature available in the latest versions or will it be part of any future releases?


Is this feature available in the latest version?

Is there any update on this topic coming with the new 7.0 release?

Thanks a lot!

Any updates on custom tooltip data?
I’m sending a response from Flask with jsonify as such:
data = [{

‘datapoints’: [

and i’d like something like this:
data = [{

‘datapoints’: [
[x2,y2, ‘tooltip’:‘customTooltip2’],