Can you give me a image that demonstrate the interoperability of all tools?

Grafana, Grafana Loki, Grafana Mimir, Grafana OnCall, Grafana Tempo, Grafana k6, Grafana Alerting, Grafana Phlare, Grafana Agent, Prometheus, Graphite, Open Telemetry.

oh my god, so many tools!!!

I have review these tools docs, but I can not understand these tools’ interoperability clearly. sorry, please help me.

Depends what you want to accomplish . I agree it is complicated when you first start was the case for me as wel

If you go to any big tools store and see all the tools without having a plan of what you want to build, it will be overwhelming

So what do you want to build?

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I have a ecommerce project.
I use react, nodejs, postgresql, redis, apache2.
I want to do log, metrics, traces.

I really want a image that explain interoperability of all tools.

This image like a big blueprint!!!

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good, now the picture is getting clearer. You don’t want to build a little grass hut but a fancy mansion.

It all starts with the foundation and work your way up.

Now that we have a bit more clarity we can move forward one brick at a time. :brick: :brick:
From within each stack what specifically do you want to log.

react : I want to log xyz
nodejs: I want to log xyz
etc, etc

Clearly lay out the details so that the image is more focused and clearer. Then we can proceed with the tools that fit the mansion
:hammer: :house:

Promtail is an agent which ships the contents of local logs to Loki

Loki is a log aggregation system

k6 is a load testing tool, to test your api endpoints in your mid tier ecommerce

Here I have created an image for you but it is useless until we find out what you want to do with any of the products from grafana, you requirements.

thank you, teacher. I understand more. but I need to code all part my project, after that I can understand all. wait for me…

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Are you saying the react app is not even started yet?

yes. it is time comsumed.
If you give me a single image that explain your all products’ interoperability, I will be more confidence.
I promise you I will show you my app some time later.