Cannot properly display line graphs after upgrade

I recently upgraded several of my Grafana servers to version and it seemed to go well. All of my existing graphs are displaying find. However, when I create a new graph, I can display bars and points correctly, but not lines. When I try to create the line graph, I don’t see any of the data points even though I can see the values displayed when I run the cursor over the graph. I’m seeing the same problems on all of my upgraded servers. If anyone has any ideas whatsoever I would greatly appreciate it.
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Make sure your group by time has a lower limit, or remove fill null from query if you use InfluxDB

Thanks for the response, but I’m using Graphite, not Influxdb. Whats strange is that this is happening on several servers I upgraded, plus the fact that it seems that the data is there, its just not being displayed if I try to create a line graph.

Strange, we have no other reports of Graphite issues with latest Grafana (we are big Graphite users ourselves) .

Are you sure graphite is returning data in the metric queries? Maybe it’s a timezone issue? Graphite server or your browser time settings are off?