Cannot seem to disable change admin password in Grafana

We are using LDAP and mysql backend configuration with Grafana, but it seems we cannot change the admin password or even disable the admin account in spite of changing the grafana.ini configuration (below). One additional side note - when I attempt to change the password in the UI it gives me cannot change with LDAP configured prompt.

140 [security]
141 # default admin user, created on startup
142 admin_user = admin
144 # default admin password, can be changed before first start of grafana, or in profile settings
145 admin_password = admin-token

those options are only for the default admin user created b grafana on first startup.

Looks like problem in Grafana. Try temporarily disabling LDAP the login as admin & change admin password. Then renable ldap .

That worked like a charm - thanks, Torkel!

We are having the same issue so I disabled LDAP and attempted to login with the default admin account.
This returns a prompt to change the current default password but when we try to enter a new password we just get a 403 error returned.