Can't upload a new dashboard

when i upload my dashboard it will show such error, i need help to solve it.

Hi @songxiaosheng,

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Please review the submission template and include more details:

  • What Grafana version are you using?

  • Can you share the link to this Dashboard that you are trying to Import?

  • What is your datasource?

  • Did you receive any errors in the Grafana logs? If so, please tell us exactly what they were.

  • Did you follow any online instructions? If so, what is the URL?

my dashboard as follow ,i had export from grafana version 9.x but it still didn’t work, please help me thansk.

I cannot access it as asking for login credentials.

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oh,sorry,you can use this address: and account is test/test

dashboard is dubbo application dashboard


I can see that you are running the latest version of Grafana 9.4.3

The important question are:

  1. From where did you download this “dubbo application dashboard” ?

  2. Can you send its link if it is publicly available?

  3. What is the Data Source?

  4. Was it working before e.g. in the previous version of Grafana or just use the Import Dashboard JSON as was publically available somewhere?

Other than that, I capture this error;


The error message says 2 clear things:

  1. This Dashboard might be v.old as it is using some query which is no longer supported by the Data Source.

  2. Also, the connection to the Data Source is not found or unreachable. (at least to confirm this open you can goto Settings → Data Soruces → Select the correct Data Source and click Test button and it turns Green OK then it means that the problem is then on the Dashboad JSON side as the queries are not compatible with the Data Soruce (e.g. if the Data Source is for e.g. Java VM then the version is not compatible for JSON to work with it).

cloud you leave your email ,i can send to it

Hi @songxiaosheng

Could you please answer the questions I asked if they are not releasing any confidential information (I guess only the link from where you downloaded it might be confidential but the rest seems fine to explain here IMO).

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thanks datasource problem has fix but still can’t be import to grafana dashboard official website
my dashboard is here:
your can login to visit it temp

Having this exact same problem. Grafana version 9.4.1 and the data source is the “infinity” plugin.

Hi @luukasmakila,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !!

Can you please provide the steps of reproduction so that the community can also try to reproduce it on a test machine?

Asking because I lost track of it and the other user link is not accessible and I will be happy to help once I get instructions in a simple way as possible.


Hi @usman.ahmad!

Thanks for the reply. So I have made a Grafana dashboard for a demo of a memory manager we have been working on and im trying to upload that dashboard here so that it can be easily accessible for replicating the demo.

The JSON model of the dashboard is on my GitHub here.

And the problem is that uploading this JSON model on the does not work and it gives the same error as the OP got. The weird thing is that the Grafana version im using is 9.4.1 so obviously newer than the 3.0 version that the error message says.

Btw importing the JSON model of the dashboard in Grafana works perfectly fine.


Are you alsonusing infinity plugin?

  1. What is the source grafana infinity plugin version?

  2. What is the destination grafana infinity version?

  3. Ssme question as above but for the guid of the infinity datasource?


Yes im using the infinity plugin and the version is:

$ grafana-cli plugins ls
yesoreyeram-infinity-datasource @ 1.3.0

To the question 3 im not 100% I understand it but this is what I found from the JSON model:

"datasource": {
        "type": "yesoreyeram-infinity-datasource",
        "uid": "B_Smuzf4k"

So id assume its “B_Smuzf4k”?

notice my questions again please? :joy:

What is the version on source grafana and destination grafana.
you do have two grafanas right or maybe not? One you copied from and the other you copying to?

I have installed Grafana through brew so I don’t think I have 2 versions?

so where are you copying this other dashboard from?

I don’t really understand what you mean by copying other dashboard?

I have downloaded the infinity plugin and added it in the datasources and then I built my dashboard. The dashboard then fetches localhost:8000/metrics for data that is then returned in JSON format and displayed on Grafana.

you are uploading your dashboard from local to luukasmakila right?

Yes, on that page I linked there is a “Upload a dashboard” button and im trying to upload the JSON model I got from my local Grafana from the “Export” tab to there.