Change Grafana link into format ""


I want to import this link (also Grafana dashboard) into my personal account. The link I want to import is:

Grafana (

When I want to import the link in to my account it says:

How can I change this link into a link that is accepted by Grafana?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @bruv613,

Can you please share some screenshots OR a screencast so that we can see as what you’re trying to achieve and why you get this error?


Thank you for your effort in helping me!

The website I want the data from is called:
PM sensors - Dashboards - Dashboards - Grafana (

As you can see from the link, it’s not a “” URL, although the is the Grafana logo…
When I want to add this dashboard (please click on the link above and take a look at it) to my personal account under the section “import dashboard” I get the following error message:

I then try to download the .json and upload it.
But then the dashboard is empty:

And when I use the panel .json this appeares:

Any ideas of what can be done?

Hi @bruv613,

Try this as I think this is what you are also having the issue.

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