Change the default organisation

When I started creating dashboards I did it in a new Organisation, so now the default “Main Organisation” is empty… This is a pain when adding new users as I always have to transfer them over and get them to switch organisation before they can see anything.

Is there any way to either change the default organisation for new users, or copy all dashboards, data sources etc. I’ve created back into the Main Organisation?


interested as well!
in the grafana.ini is specified:

Set to true to automatically assign new users to the default organization (id 1)

auto_assign_org = true


specify organization name that should be used for unauthenticated users

org_name = Main Org.

but I have no clue of how (or where) to change the ids of the organizations :frowning:

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Having the same issue. Our users are authenticated so we can’t use org_name = Main Org.