Change timezone before aggregation

Hi! For a couple of months, I am facing an issue with timezone on Grafana.

My timezone is UTC-3 (“America/Sao_Paulo”), then, for example, I have a table with the time spent doing some task for every task and I need to sum the durations to get the total time spent by day, but what I get is the result plotted in two different days when part of the tasks was done from 21h00 to 00h00 in my timezone.

I tried to use TZ(‘America/Sao_Paulo’), but I got this error:

{“error”: “error parsing query: found TZ, expected ; at line 1, char 213”}

I’ve seen that InfluxDB has already implemented this “feature”, so why cannot I use this on Grafana?

We will soon merge such a feature:

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Thank’s, but isn’t it only for elasticsearch? My datasource is InfluxDB.

Sorry, missed that, then there is no hope

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@torkel Great to hear that! Any plan to add this feature? Thanks :smiley:

This is quite annoying if you’re using elasticsearch