CloudWatch EC2/Billing EstimatedCharges doesn't seem to be working

I’m trying to use the CloudWatch billing functionality to build a Estimated Charges dashboard. I just installed Grafana 4.1.1 on my macOS 10.12.4 machine and downloaded the EC2 Billing dashboard but I can’t get it to show any datapoints. I have other EC2 dashboards that are working fine so I don’t think it’s my setup. I even tried to build a simple custom dashboard using the EC2/Billing query and it doesn’t show any datapoints or generate any errors that I can see. I simply get Null values from the query.

My question is how do I find out what’s going on. As I said, I’m new to Grafana so I’m not exactly sure how it works. I’ve turned up the logging to debug but that didn’t seem to do much. Is there a way to see the communication from the CloudWatch source? Maybe it’s getting an error in there somewhere.

Check datasource response in your browser console. Maybe you didn’t configure IAM permissions/role properly -

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As mentioned in the screencast CloudWatch EC2/Billing EstimatedCharges alerting

I’ve found that auto period doesn’t work, but MinPeriod 21600 (6 hours) does.

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