Configure Alerts for tables and pie charts


I am running grafana 4.3.0 on CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core). Is there a way to set Alert notifications for tables and pie chart? I see alert tab only for time series graph images and not for tables and pie charts. Is there a way to configure Alerts for tables and pie charts?

Any help will be highly appreciable. Thanks in Advance.



Alerts are only supportes on the graph panel at this point

@torkel Any plans to introduce it in the near future?

Not right now, maybe if there is demand for it

Hi, Is the alerting mechanism available in Table panel of Grafana now?

Any news regarding the request?

The request on Github exists since 2016, it seems people need it.

It would be really helpful if the alarms are added not only into the Singlestats, but also for “Table”, “Gauge” and everything else.


Need alert functionality for other panels like piechart. This thread is very old. Still, no update on this functionality.