Confused with how server.domain and server.root_url are working

Recently I am doing the proxy configuration for grafana. I used an Apache httpd server as the reverse proxy server and I followed the instruction of and it works.

However, I am confused with the attributes server.domain and server.root_url. The docs say server.root_url should be exact the one you put in your browser and server.domain is just the domain part of server.root_url. I am wondering how are they working? I mean as long as the DNS server gives the mapped grafana server for the url, grafana should work, right? Also, what if I deploy grafana inside a docker container? I could not determine the domain since the host ip will be different.

In fact, I have tried put server.domain as a dummy string and keep the domain part of server.root_url the same with it, grafana also works.

Here is an example config I use:


apache httpd proxy config:

ProxyPass /grafana/
ProxyPassReverse /grafana/

With the above config, when I put “httpd_server_ip/grafana/” I can also get grafana login page.

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domain is just a variable that is per default used in the root_url variable. The root_url variable is the important one.

From the docs for domain:

This setting is only used in as a part of the root_url setting

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