Consolidate data from multiple datasources (sites) on same graph panel


I have Grafana configured with two graphite datasources (i.e two sites). Is it possible to consolidate the data from these two datasources and render it on same panel?

I dont see any functions to do this. Please help!


Use the — Mixed – Data source it allows you to add queries for different data sources and show results in the graph. You cannot combine and do transformations on results from different data source, only show results from queries targeting different data sources.


Does it mean I can’t write queries similar to “join”( Joining two different data sources based on single column and create graphs) ? Thanks in advance

Yes, graphite does not support operations across data dasources.

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I’ve tried this and it doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m using version 6.2.5. followed the instructions but not getting any data being displayed.

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In case someone stumbles upon this, Grafana 7.1+ has the Merge transformation.
Combined with the --Mixed-- datasource, it should allow you to do joins across datasources (I tested it with SQL server and MariaDB):