CSS styles available

Is there an overview of the CSS styles that are available or do I have go through all the SASS code to see what’s available and when it should be used? I’m particularly interested in finding elements to properly style and layout form elements in my query builder. I’d love to be able to center the form elements, for instance.

HI @digant.

There are the beginnings of a style guide available as an admin and it’s a good starter: https:///styleguide

While there is not a living style guide at this time that would show examples of forms, markup, etc., there are a number of existing plugins you can use as a guide.

If you’re looking for datasources in particular, you can find the markup here: https://github.com/grafana/grafana/tree/master/public/app/plugins/datasource (check out the partials directory for the html).

That should be enough to get you going, but let me know if you have particular questions!

@mattttt – thanks. I don’t see an example like what I wanted to do but I think I can conform to the examples I see.

@digant Let me know what you’re thinking - I might be able to think of an example I’ve seen.

Well, we have a query system that allows for nested parenthesis so for the query builder, I’m building parenthesis to wrap each part and wanted the query to float in the middle.