Current value of multiple (wildcard/templated) series as horizontal histogram

I am searching for a plugin that will allow me to create a horizontal histogram.
The particular application is to display current percentage of utilization for a set of storage resources.
The datasource is Graphite.
The top bar would depict the current value of the first series from $min to $max as a bar from left to right.
A “nice to have” would be to have support for color-coded thresholds.

Are any of you aware of a plugin that supports this?

Thanks, Sam

Hi Sam,

I found a plugin that states that it support horizontal bar charts, see link. It doesn’t seem to have been published to the official Grafana plugin repository and I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if it works. Please give it a try.

I may misunderstand your requirements. If you include a screenshot or link to what you’re trying to achieve maybe I can understand better.