Custom metrics with Faro

Hey gang, I’m just getting started with Grafana Cloud and I’m having trouble figuring out the best ways to track some of the things I am looking for.

I design internal dashboards for B2B tooling, so while I don’t care much about the traditional web metrics (conversions, etc). I am very interested in specific feature usage by user.

For example:

  1. List the most active users who are still using the old version of the dashboard vs the new one (identifiable by a “v2” in the path.
  2. Show a pie chart of v1 vs v2 usage based on page views.
  3. Show metrics on specific feature usage (ie. How often, when, and by whom are certain buttons clicked)

I see the docs for emitting custom metrics, events, and logs, my hangup is I don’t know which of these three to emit and then how to structure the query on the dashboard to get the charts I need.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @engaccounts !

There are likely multiple approaches here, but I think for tracking dashboard version views you could use the custom measurement option with pushMeasurement. This will create a Loki log label which you can use with metric LogQL queries to create the pie chart for page views.

If pushMeasurement is not feasible, then perhaps the view tracking might be another approach with custom logs? See view meta docs here.

For anything that involves the user interacting with a button or initiating an interaction, you would want to use the custom event option.

On a related note, there is a feature called Usage Insights that might be useful to review for comparison and to inspect example queries.

Also, there is a really great guide for building dashboards here as well: