Custom plugin not working on Grafana 4.4

Hello there,

I have grafana 4.4.1 downloaded, we have a custom JTree plugin developed in JQuery, Angular & AJAX, it does not work on this latest version, however, it works on the previous version, it is not throwing any error but it is not talking with my REST API code to establish connection with Cassandra, so confusing what is wrong. I am sitting on this issue since 2 days & it is urgent for us :frowning:

Can you please help?

There must be an error somewhere? Need more details to be able to help you.

I am assuming this is a panel plugin and I am also assuming that the panel is not receiving data in the data-received event.

  1. Check the raw query and the raw response in the network tab in the Chrome Dev Tools (here is a guide which shows where to see the raw query and the query response).
  2. Debug the handler in your code for the data-received event to see if you are receiving data.