Darksky alternative

Wondering if anyone has a Darksky alternative for Grafana Cloud? e.g. an Openweather Plugin, etc?

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Indeed, since Apple acquired Darksky and greedily locked out the API, I was just exploring different weather plugins. I think one simple way to do this (though I have not yet tried it) would be to use one of the JSON plugins (this or this) and then query an API that offers a free tier. I have found several that may work:


If I get a chance to install / try these out, I will post here how it goes.

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I found that this basic API that returns JSON works fine with the JSON API datasource plugin.

Setup is like this:

and then in the panel:

Thanks to @marcusolsson for developing such a great plugin.

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Thanks for the kind words! :heart:

Possible to convert the temp that is in Celsius to Fahrenheit?

I tried to test / accomplish this by performing a field override, but… no go [Yes, I realize the F->C
formula is wrong - I was simply testing it, real quick]


Grant - is there any way to beg of you to expound on the “Value mappings” that you give a peak of, in the screenshot, where you map / assign the icons to the conditions? I understand the concept, but not quite sure how you got an icon / image in there.
I reviewed the thread where you discussed this: [Image based on value-stat](: https://localhost:3000/t/image-based-on-value-stat/50570/3)
Read the grafana doc that you referenced,
Read the Grafana doc on unit picker
Read the Grafana doc on get Field Type icon
Referenced the emoji list and yet, I’m not connecting the dots. I’ve tried pasting the emoji URL, the base64, etc. into the “Display text field”, but none of them display. If I simply put “Clouds” for clouds - that text displays just fine.

I do, however, have the rest nailed down.


No need to beg. I am about to expound…

In the right pane, click Edit Vaue Mappings…

Paste the emoji that corresponds to the value that is getting returned by the query. In my JSON example, the response was this: https://cdn.glitch.me/6e8889e5-7a72-48f0-a061-863548450de5%2F50d.png

Click update, and voila!


First of all - THANK YOU

This just doesn’t seem to be working for me [pasting the emoji], but I’m not sure why. I browse to the emoji list… and try to right-click and select copy image or copy image address.

Then, I try to 1) paste the image 2) paste the image address in the ‘display text field’ - both paste as base64 instead of an image:

Neither works. Is it my browser, do you think?

From your screenshot, it looks like you are using a Mac. Is Grafana installed on that Mac or on another type of computer on your network? In my example, I am using Grafana Cloud (paid version) and I was using a Windows PC to do the value mappings configuration.

For sure I would see if using a different browser helps.

Ahaaaah. I suspect that this feature is included only in the paid version and not the “Community Version” that I am using. I am on all Linux software. Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian OS hosting the Grafana engine and I’m doing the dashboard edits from an Ubuntu 20 desktop, presenting it on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspbian OS. I’ll research a little more to determine if the paid version is required to do the emojis as well as trying an alternative browser.

Thank you so very much once again, for your help sir.

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Hi all!

There are definitely some differences in features between Grafana Cloud and self-hosting Grafana open source, however most of the core visualization options should be the same when building dashboards. That is to say, the value mapping differences shouldn’t be a feature locked behind a paywall. I’m very interested to hear if you’ve had time to test with a different OS and/or browser just to rule those out. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can replicate and get some issues opened if needed!


Thank you, Melody. I downloaded and installed Grafana Enterprise v8.5 standalone version on a Dell Micro PC, running Debian 11 and I am still experiencing this. I.e.: the inability to insert / paste an icon or icon url in the value mappings field. I’ve attempted to flip the data between fields - just to see if I pasted the data in the inverse field. I am using the Brave / Chrome browser. I will attempt the same operation in Opera, Firefox, tonight, to see if the browser is the culprit.

Next, I will try the Grafana v9.4.7 Enterprise version.

Using the latest Grafana v9.4.7 Enterprise stand-alone version, Brave [Chrome] browser on a Dell PC running Debian 11

I believe that I discovered the disconnect and point of failure [me]. I was attempting to copy random icons from the icon page instead of specifically choosing from the “Browser” column. Copying icons from the Browser column allowed me to then successfully paste the icon into the Value Mapping field and map them to the json data

Thanks very much, all, for your help

Hello all,

I don’t think this alternative was mentioned but I came across www.visualcrossing.com .

They have some great tools to help tune their weather API to your needs, and also a guide here for migrating from Dark Sky:


Hope this is helpful!

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