Dashboard Auto-Refresh not working with time range

We need to define dashboards with a time range, for example “7 am” to “6 pm”.

Unfortunatelly, it is not possible to activate auto-refresh for this constellation via the dropdown. We’re using a workaround right now, showing that it is possible to do: after selecting the time range and applying, we manually append &refresh=5m to the URL. Of course this is not the go-to solution…

I found issue #3192 on github, which already addressed this. Did we lose it in any release again?

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Yes, looks like it the fix got removed a year ago. I reopened the issue.

Thanks @daniellee, I added some information there.

What I really need is something like “from now/d+7h to now/d+18h”, with enabled auto-refresh. But like I described at the github issue, this computes the wrong “to” date and sets this to “tomorrow 18pm”…