Dashboard migration from grafana7+/influxdb1.8+ to grafana8+/influxdb2+

hi all,
i’m migrating my dashboards to grafana8+/influxdb2+ and i have hard time figure out some things as i’m not really devops guy.

  1. how can I create custom matric description in legend, with grafana7+/influxdb1.8 stack it was pretty easy, just group by and then use $tag_/$col to define what ever I wanted. but with my new stack i can’t semm to find the way to do the same

  2. in grafana8 after enabling tooltip for all displayed metric i don’t see the option to sort metrics (ascending/descending ), this was possible in grafana7.

  3. in grafana 7 i don’t see the option to hide values which are zero, i guess this should be handled by modified query to filter those values, correct?

thank for help/pointing me to correct docs