Dashboards remain after update, gone after reboot


I just updated Grafana Docker image from v4.0.3 to v4.3.3 and all dashboards were present as expected, initially. But after a reboot of the system it’s running on, all dashboards were gone. I read the changelog for breaking changes, but couldn’t find anything specific that could cause this.

The logs show messages of a migration, but they are all info messages and don’t mention errors.

Any ideas what exactly happened to my dashboards? Are the dashboards migrated to different path? When more information needed, feel free to ask.


You must have lost your docker volumes, did you map the docker volume that the image uses to a host directory? Any backups of this volume?


I’ve mapped the docker volumes like this in the Compose file: - /data/grafana:/var/lib/influxdb:rw.
On the host in /data/grafana directory still contains grafana.db and the directories plugins and sessions.

Were are the dashboards actually saved?

Okay, I made a stupid mistake regarding volume mounting and it has nothing to do with Grafana. The dashboards have been recovered. I am very sorry for wasting your time.