Data from Elasticsearch

Hello. I’ve a quick question about data from elasticsearch in grafana. I am using for elasticsearch data where I’ve index called X then this index got few types for ex. typeA typeB typeC. Is it possible to retrive only data of specific index type in grafana ? Because im struggling with this and Can’t manage to do it. I am fresh into ELK and Grafana and its hard to me to understand everything for me. It seems like I can display data on graf but its coming like from whole X index rather than X.typeB.
Alsko second question. I can see default graf for ELK query that is metric = Count and group by = date histogram / timestamp but I don’t quite understand what stands for Count. What kind of data it’s displaying.

Thank you for any help.

You can target many indices using index patterns. Your index can contain any number of types. You can filter by type in the Query field. For example _type:typeA

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Thank you @torkel !!! Finally I can target what I want!! :slight_smile: