Data is not automatically changes with different time series based on my template values


I have different time_series data . once I populated time_series data and zoomed to that time series, after that ,grafana is not automatically moving to different time_series data. . Again i need to go “Quick ranges” and change to 30 days and i have drill down.

Is there any workaround automatically switch to time series?.

This article might help you:


Above post#2 is not help my question. why should I select “quick range” every time for each of different time_series data.

Please help on this.

I am using grafana 3.1 with influxdb

What do you mean by “once I populated”:

and what do you mean by:

Thank you for quick response. Let me explain in detail.

I have today and 90 days back CPU usage data. I created a dash board to pick different time_series data using template variable.

When I choose template variable to plot my today date. it shows and i can drill down (zoom) , After I selected my template to get 90 days back CPU metrics. it is not automatically going and populating to 90 days back data. For that I need to go “Quick ranges” and change to 90 days , then i can see the data and again I need to zoom 90 days data .

So, I have different month data exists.

Is there any facility in grafana automatically plot the data in panel based on template variable picked up metrics with different time_series.

I still don’t understand your question.

  1. Do you mean that you want the graph to automatically zoom out to 90 days when you select a value in a template variable?
  2. Or do you have a template variable with time ranges? “When I choose template variable to plot my today date.”
  3. Or do you mean that your template variable is of type Interval? Like in this demo dashboard.

Yes I want like point 1 the graph to automatically zoom out to 90 days or what every time_series .
After seeing your point 3 demo dashboard, my current graph not fitting full panel. That’s why i am not able see different time interval automatically