Data Links to External URL Broken

I have a table which has a object name in one column and the external url in the next column I have the url column hidden and instead have an overide data link on the object name using the variable ${__data.fields.}.

It was working without any problems, now the url is preprended with my grafana URL, so it should be https://, instead it is https:///.

I am running in a docker container, and have implemented some environment variables to set the domain and root URL to enable invitations to work properly. I also update to 8.4.4 so I am not sure which is causing the problem. I have rolled back to environment variables, but the problem persists.

I found some info that if you prepend the data link with https:// like https://{$__data.fields.} it would tell grafana that it is an external link. When I do that I get an about blocked page in both chrome and edge, not sure if that is a symptom of it working but running into another problem like CORS. With the https:// added it no longer previews the link when you hover over it.

Thanks for any help

Sorry for the edit, it looks like my references were omitted, the variable is data.fields.the name of the field holding the url to the object.

I have done some more troubleshooting and have narrowed it down to how the url is being “casted” the value in the read_url field is redirected just fine when it has no sub directory. So like works fine, but Stops working.

If you omit the https:// from the outside of the variable it treats it as if it is a local url. This must be new because it was working yesterday.

Hi i had the same problem. Updating to version 8.5.0 helped.