Data source through Api

I would like to bring in data to grafana through an API. So that I can populate the dashboard with that data got from Api. How do I do that? I am new to grafana please help me with it.

You may need to find if existing datasource plugin available for the API you are trying to connect.

Otherwise, for generic use-cases you may use one of the following generic datasources that does get data from external APIs

Can you please elaborate on that ? I will be getting my data from the api in the form of key value pair. How do I push it into grafana cloud, should I write a python code or something?

Hi @subhamila - You don’t need to push the data to the grafana cloud. With the help of above plugins, you can directly visualize data in grafana.

If you want to push the metrics to prometheus and then want to visualize from there, you may need to write exporters for it.

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