DataTables Panel in Grafana 7.0 color thresholds not working

Seems like the Column level Thresholds for coloring is not honored in DataTables Panels in Grafana 7.0.
See picture below


I am not sure this is the same condition, but I am having similar issues with the threshold options. The screenshots are both from the same dashboard, in the first the thresholds have numbers and colors associated with a value. In the second the values assigned to the thresholds disappeared and I cannot delete or new thresholds with values.

This started happening after I had rebuilt a dashboard to take advantage of some new features on the Statpanels. But it seems to be an issue with any panel.

We are experiencing the same error. In grafana 7.0.4 (and even in 7.1) we use the override functionality on our columns to apply: thresholds → value mappings → cell display mode: color background. The colors arent applied correctly. As a datasource we use elasticsearch.

BUT it gets even weirder.
When opening the dashboard the colors are not loaded correctly. After going into the edit mode of the table and just clicking on color of the threshold and reselect it again - its applied correctly for this specific column. But when saving the changes again and reloading the whole dashboard its broken again.

Looks very unstable tbh.

Here is a screenshot of the setup (some values are excluded to keep it small):

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Having the same problem here: Grafana 8.0.2

json of the dashboard: tresholds not working.json · GitHub example of thresholds not applying.
all data is at 200+
threshold is at 80 (absolute)

things show with the standard color (black on white) also in the dark there (white on black)

screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

I am having the same issue. Is there any solution to this?

I just found out that you need to explicitly enable colors. For a table:

Despite “auto” sounds like good choice, it ignores all color options you set later on in that pane.

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It is very weird behaviour ! To enable color you have to follow @ctron direction and activate the color text in cell display mode. But that will turn on a threshold value for all your data in the table, to avoid everithing going green you have to delete all the threshold value for the table and keep only the base value and assign the “text color” to it, to have a normal looking table with only the field that have override color threshold value to be in color and not all the table.