Date from elastic search is reflecting with some time shift,

I am getting data from elastic search index and when i tried to display grafana time range is coming with a time shift of +5.30 hrs.

When i tried with add time shift 5.30 hr is is not showing data.

A shift of 5 and half hours sounds very strange. Grafana uses browser settings to determine the time zone. What time zone are you in? You can set the timezone to be UTC in the dashboard settings.


I have a similar issue…

The data in elastic index is stored in UTC and hence when Grafana connects to ES and fetches the data, it is displaying only UTC.

However, I want the data to be displayed in my browser time and not UTC since we have people working in multiple time zones working on this dashboard.

The same is possible to work on a Kibana dashboard since it is tightly integrated with ES.

Is such a config possible in Grafana ?