Default Template Variables for a New Dashboard

Is there a way how I can define a default set of template variables that will be always added to every new Dashboard a user creates?

We have e.g. a datasource template variable that allows us to switch between datasources pointing to different datacenters. Is it possible to have this templated var always added to each new dashboard by default?

I have not found anything in the Docs. Perhaps one solution is to modify the default json doc template associated with a new dashboard?

There is no support for global template variables in Grafana. Here is the feature request.

There is no option to edit the default json template either. If you want to do that then you will have to fork Grafana and change the code. A lot of the dashboard is built dynamically with code but here is the starting point.

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Thanks! I will definitely take a look.

Also, next time I need to check the feature requests before posting a question.