Derivative + moving_average

Hello, everyone.

I’m facing a problem with Graph Panel.

I have following metric configured for graph in Grafana 5.1.3 (on PC):

this shows what’s expected - averaged value rate.

Recently I’ve deployed Grafana (checked 5.3.0-beta1, 5.2.3, 5.2.4 versions) (+InfluxDB) onto RaspberryPI 3.

The same metric is configured. But this time it shows following error instead of averaged value rate:

In general I could not make graph with derivative and moving_average functions at the same time.

So the question. Is this a bug in newer Grafana versions, is this some conceptual change in Grafana behaviour and now the same task should be achieved with some other approach, or it’s not related to Grafana at all and I should check it with different InfluxDB versions?