Develop alarm executor for simple json datasource


We working on a project integrating grafana with an IoT backend using the simple json datasource plugin. Until now, it has worked just fine. However, we need to be able to set alarms. By default, the plugin doesn’t support alarms.

We have seen that it it necessary to implement a background process to get the metrics periodically. We are interested in developing the required functionality in order to do so. We have taken a look to other datasources that support alarms, but unfortunately documentation is scarce.

We would appreciate any guide in order to develop such executor. In particular, how to integrate the executor with grafana. It is necessary to complile grafana from source? Which configuration is required?

the executors are in the main grafana backend binary,

you need to fork grafana and add go code the backend in order to add support for alerting

Hi. I just did it based on the graphite executor. So far, so good. I’m looking forward to sumit the code back to the project once it becomes stable.

Did you ever submit it?