Differences between raintank version showed and installed

Hi all!

I’ve an issue with the version showed on raintank plugin and the real ones installed on my system.
On the dashboard I see 1.0.7 and the ad that indicates that there is a updated version, but with the terminal command “grafana-cli plugins ls” I can see that the real installed ones is the raintank-worldping-app-1.2.3
Maybe it’s not important but I’ve problems running raintank locally and perhaps it’s the solution…
Thanks in advance

That sounds strange. Try updating the plugin, it will just update and not write over any data.

grafana-cli plugins upgrade raintank-worldping-app

or to force it to upgrade:

grafana-cli plugins install raintank-worldping-app

Thanks for your answer Danielle but, on the console, the grafana-cli command shows the 1.2.3 raintank app version.
But on the frontend I can see the 1.0.2. and the “Problem! Unexpected error” on the right corner :frowning:
Is any way to uninstall completely the worldping-raintank on the Grafana Frontend to ensure, when reinstall, it’s getting the correct version of the plugin?

You can use the cli:

grafana-cli plugins uninstall raintank-worldping-app

or you can just remove the folder from the data/plugins folder:

rm -rf data/plugins/raintank-worldping-app

You might need to restart the Grafana server afterwards.

Yeah! Thanks Daniellee! finally, when I delete the data/plugins/raintank-worldping-app folder and reinstall the plugin, it’s working.
Best Regards!

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