Differences in features between datasources

Hi, I’m just wondering if there’s a page somewhere that describes all the features of the different data sources like are there functions that InfluxDB support that Graphite doesn’t? Also, what about Prometheus? Or, are they all pretty much equivalent in terms of querying power in Grafana. I don’t really have access to all these types of different DB’s, so it’s hard for me to test.

My experience is that all the top Time Series Database are competent and all of them have enough functions to do what you want (probably). The important questions are:

  • what are you going to use it for (just monitoring or for IOT, application metrics),
  • how much data (matters if you are going to store a lot of data)
  • Ease of use (do you like the query language etc.)

No, it is the other way round. Graphite has lots of functions that InfluxDB does not have. On the other hand, InfluxDB has tags and millisecond precision.

Powerful query language but generally hard to compare with Graphite/InfluxDB as it has a different focus (monitoring rather than being a general Time Series db).

Here is a list of resources. Some of them are written by people who develop one of the databases so can be biased. Our own bias is to use Graphite and we support the Graphite project as well as develop a database for large scale metrics which is graphite-compatible - Metrictank.