Display draw mode=series line not working

In axes tab , i am using x-axis mode =series.

In graph i dont see lines. Points and bars are working fine.

Line is coming when stack is enable in stacking & Null Value tab

You might have null values between the points depending on your group by.

Either change your Group by time interval to match the interval of writes on the metrics tab:

Or choose Connected to ignore null values and keep the line connected:

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Hi @daniellee ,

Sorry to jump in, But I am also facing the similar issue. I am using x-axis mode=series similar to original post.

In graph, I see only dots and no line as below:

I see lines when I select stacking option. But in this case, when I move cursor to any point, It always shows same X-axes value (604.xxxx) in below example. Can you please help:

Is there any other plugin I can use?