Documentation for templating?

Is it me, or is the documentation for Variable syntax | Grafana documentation severely lacking in both clarity and content? How can one figure out how to use templates? Is there some hidden documentation somewhere?

Yeah, even I believe Grafana lacks detail documentation about its features. The only way to figure out its functionality is by trial and error.

Have you watched Torkel’s video on templating:

More videos can be found here.

We are aware that we have some holes in the documentation and we will be working to make them better in the coming months. Templating will be at the top of the list.

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OK, to get back on track.

I apologize for letting my frustration spill over into a public mailing
list, especially since I haven’t been 13 in a very long time.

How can I help to remedy the documentation situation? I am perfectly
willing to put in the effort to write good documentation. But the problem
of how to start remains: how can one document what one does not understand?
I’ll go back to the page that caused the original outburst:

Note that that page still refers to version 2.6, even though grafana is now
at version 4.2.


personnaly after having the same trouble you did I went into and download some examples to understand how to some of the community members did the templating.

I am currently rewriting & updating the templating docs as they are rightly abysmal. They have not seen updates and iterative improvements in over a year so in great need of a major overhaul. Will also try to update the templating sections for each data source.

Will post an update here when the updates are ready for review & feedback.

Templating docs are now updated.

It’s a major overhaul of the templating article and of the templating sections for each data source. The Prometheus docs were also given a minor update (not just the templating section).

Here is the diff of all the changes:

Any feedback would great.

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