Donut moves when dahsboard starts

Hi all,
(Still the same bad english. Sorry)
In a Pie Chart, i use a donut and put the legend to its right. That’s OK. For all the session.
I close my browser or change the dashboard.
When i come back to my dashboard with the Pie Chart, donut is not in the left of legend but legend and donut overlap.
If i just edit and save, donut go to left in good place.

What’s wrong ?
Thanks in advance to those who understand my “english”.

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What version of the pie chart are you using? Are you on the latest version?

I don’t know if it’s the latest but i just downloaded last week.

Oups ! Sorry. I forget Grafana.
Grafana version is 4.1.2

Hi all,
I just install Grafana 4.3.1 and problem still remains.
Donut must be in the left of legend. It is after doing View or Edit. But on load or after F5, donut is in the center.
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Hi all,
I just install Pie Chart 1.1.5 and now it works well !
it was in comment : "Fix for - Legend overlaps with graphs. Thanks, @smalik03 "
So Thanks, @smalik03 :slight_smile: and all the team.
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