Druid plugin manual installation

Hi everyone

I am new to the Grafana and Druid community.

as I am being all the fire walls, cannot use the grafana-cli commands to install the Druid plugin. So, I downloaded the zip file and unzipped it under


The reason I have unzipped in that folder is that my installation is not in the default location.

Now ones I unzip, I am facing the following error ones I restart the grafana-server

/grafana/grafana/grafana-5.4.3/data/plugins/druid/dist/plugin.json,  err: Plugin with same id already exists

I looked at this link https://github.com/grafana/simple-json-datasource/issues/38 and realized that the Gruntfile has to be modified.

Can you please help me on how to do that or is there any other way I can proceed and make the Druid plugin work for me

I am using Grafana 5.x.x


The issue was I had to restart the server and it all came along

So, now able to see the druid data source :slight_smile: