Dynamic List of Dashboards

Hi All,

I am looking for some guidance on a particular requirement that may have been solved already by the Grafana community or Grafana feature that I am unaware of.

In our environment, there are multiple VMs which have multiple functions / roles.
For example:

  • Server B => LINUX, JBOSS
  • Server C => Windows, IIS,
  • Server D => Windows, IIS, SQL
  • etc …

There are standard dashboard build containing the applicable metrics and graphs for the each applicable function / role:
For example:

  • Dashboard 1 - Linux OS Dashboard - system metrics
  • Dashboard 2 - Windows OS Dashboard - system metrics
  • Dashboard 3 - JBOSS Dashboard -
  • etc …


  • By selecting a server from a list of VMs( e.g. template $server), that a list of dashboards are dynamically generated select_able_ by a user.
  • When one of the dashboards are selected from the list, it will only present the data applicable to the VM selected.

Any assistance or guidance welcomed.

Data Source: InfluxDB


It sounds like you want to use templating on your Dashboards, so that your users can select a particular VM from a dropdown list, and that Dashboard will update for just that VM.

For more information on templating, check out http://docs.grafana.org/reference/templating/

Hope this helps.