Embedding Grafana panel/chart into custom web app?


Hope General is a good section for this kind of question.

I would have an upcoming use case of:

  • data from InfluxDB, maybe other sources. Influx is the primary source
  • near real time updates (some seconds intervals)
  • embedding into a custom web app
  • customizing layout to match company’s layout in the custom web app

web app can be with any technology, e.g. NodeJS or Rails. Then I want to embed Grafana panel into the UI.

Are there people here with embedding experience - can you give comments or suggest anything? This use case, according to basic embedding documentation, should be feasible. But I was reading official Grafana documentation on web page, and the embedding of sample chart was not loading. So I would need some real life experiences from embedding charts.

Thanks for any help,
Henri / Finland

What are you getting in the embedded area? Is the panel source on a dashboard in an organization that is set to allow anonymous access, or does the dashboard require a login to access the panel data?
I haven’t tried embedding a single panel, but I had this issue when embedding a dashboard.

Authentication is OK, no problem. But actually I found out from other discussions that Grafana doesn’t support my use case because the other axis has to be “time”. In my use case I would have X and Y for measurement values and then “time axis” is not shown, but values would be updated to the chart after every 5 seconds or so. So Grafana doesn’t support configuring axis whatever one likes. Have to find other options…