Error installing JSON datasource plugin

I am trying to install json datasource plugin, manually as the is firewall that prevents installing directly.

grafana is installed under windows.

getting this error:

Plugin Error
(SystemJS) XHR error (404 Not Found) loading http://localhost:8081/public/traceur?bust=1502095718794
Error: XHR error (404 Not Found)
loading http://localhost:8081/public/traceur?bust=1502095718794
Error loading http://localhost:8081/public/traceur
Unable to load transpiler to transpile http://localhost:8081/public/app/plugins/datasource/grafana-simple-json-datasource/module.js
Error loading http://localhost:8081/public/app/plugins/datasource/grafana-simple-json-datasource/module.js

How did you install it manually? Did you download the zip file from and extract it into the data/plugins directory?

Link to zip file:

I unzipped the zip, and copied content of src folder into:

Where did you find instructions to do that? (Do we have incorrect documentation somewhere?)

From the installation page:

You should unpack the whole zip file. The src subdirectory contains the unbuilt source and will not work.

Issue solved, after coping correctly.

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Hi ,

can i know the path where the simpleJson plugin was placed .
because even i am facing same issue .

It’s placed in your plugins directory. What error are you getting in the Grafana server logs? And what OS have you installed Grafana on?

Hi Daniellee,

i have installed in linux server .
in path grafana/data/plugins/simple-json

but its not reflecting in the grafana

Hi Yevsh,

can i know how did you solve the problem ?
i am facing same issue .
i am using linux OS

@rashmisaravanan can you search the grafana server logs for an error, please. When you restart Grafana, there will be an error if it failed to load the plugin.

I resolved the issue :grinning:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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Hi Daniellee,

Error :
customer_historic plugin failed
Error: Fetch error: 404 Not Found Instantiating Loading plugins/grafana-simple-json-datasource/module

I am facing problem in installing new plugin in linux ,
i dont have internet access for the server , so i have manually downloaded and placed in


same path is mentioned in custom.ini and default.ini


still its throwing error

The last part of the path looks wrong. I would guess (without seeing your config file) that the path for the simple json plugin should be:


How did you install Grafana? The default for Ubuntu/Debian is that the plugin directory is located at: /var/lib/grafana/plugins