Error on starting grafana service

I have grafana 4.4.3 on an ubuntu 16.4 LTS which is installed on an vm and its IP is . I also have a mysql database version 5.0.95 on a CentOS 5.9 and its ip is and mydatabase name is : voip

I want to set mysql as backend for grafana. I’v changed my grafana.ini file like this:

type = mysql
host =
name = voip
user = root
password = t@123
provider: mysql
provider_config = root:t@123@tcp(

I also set my root account to be used as a remote account.

when I want to start grafana-server service, it gives me this error:

Fail to initialize orm engine" logger=sqlstore error=“Sqlstore::Migration
failed err: this user requires old password authentication. If you still
want to use it, please add ‘allowOldPasswords=1’ to your DSN. See also
Home · go-sql-driver/mysql Wiki · GitHub

I also checked to see if my allowOldPasswords is set to 1 or not and it was set.

what should I do? Did I don anything wrong?

the answer is I used Older version of mysql and this problem was fixed by upgrading mysql.