Events List - new plugin proposal

Hey. I have idea to make a new plugin.

O it is list of horizontal block where you can configure it with template.

…and made a demo on piece of paper :slight_smile:

I want to find some motivation to make it.


I like it! Let me play devil’s advocate:

  1. How does the current table panel not fit your requirements? Just being able to style a template for each piece of data, vs. putting each item into its own row?
  2. Why not just have an HTML panel, and in your templating language of choice, add the option to loop over the data given by Grafana?
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Thank you a lot for feedback.

  1. Table panel does not shows new records on top and had ugly design. I am a guy who made it’s fork and inproved rendering. I think you are talking about this one, right?

  2. I really need templates to render messages. For example, what if want to see tweets from twitter in twitter style and animation :slight_smile:

One more example is to see commands executed on server by ssh.
You would like to see only small portion of command. Then you would click on it and see the full text.