[Feature] OpsGenie plugin add dashboardSlug and EvalMatches to message

Does anybody can help me to make a pull request? Thanks in advance.

I already make code change on my own fork. But I am not a go developer, I didn’t compile it nor test it.


One issue with the OpsGenie plugin is the message contains only the alert name. When there are multiple metrics in the query, I couldn’t know which metric triggered the alert. So I’d like to add EvalMatches and dashboard name to the message, just like the slack plugin.

Below is one example of our OpsGenie alert. There several servers have the JVM OldSpace metric, I couldn’t tell which server has the issue, must open the grafana link to see more details.

Alert " JVM(Core) OldSpace alert " created on 2017-7-15 上午7:14

Tiny ID:5795
JVM(Core) OldSpace alert - https://grafana.infra.otms.cn:443/dashboard/db/tv-201612?fullscreen&edit&tab=alert&panelId=15&orgId=2

you will have to test it and submit PR to main project

I setup the dev environment and tried to build the project, run into issue with downloading some dependency. It looks like some Google web sites are blocked here in China.

I’ll try again later, when I have time. I guess it might take me several days, as I said I have zero experience on Go language.

In the mean time, if anybody thought this is useful, please fork my change, test and make a PR.

Appreciate a lot!