Folders inside folders

Hi to all

The folders are great inovation…but…
There is possible to have folders inside folders ?


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Not currently, and we are not sure we will need this.

Hi Torkel…thanks for the reply.

At this moment, the permition on folders is great. We love grafana :), always waiting for the updates :).

Folders inside folders (only 2 levels) is just a way to better organize the amount of group’s that we have.

I have for example 10 folders for the same project, if exist folders inside folders, we put all this folders inside one. :slight_smile:
Putting every dashboards for the same project in one folder is not so good.

Thanks and Regards

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I would second this request guys. I have been using Grafana and I am struggling to organize dashboards because I cannot create folders within folders.

I would third this request and will also throw this ticket in here as more evidence for its requirement: Create folders in folders in Grafana 5?

This would be a great organisation feature.