Generating reports through graphite or grafana

Kindly help me, my company needs to generate report for past 7 days. Can i get it from grafana or graphite browser the report generation of stats in any good re-presentable format?

That depends. What stats do you need?

Thanks for the reply Daniel.

IP SLA and RTA for pingcheck in some pdf or csv format. Is it possible from graphite or grafana?

If you create a graph with the data you want you can export it to csv (or png for picture) .

In the panel context menu there are options for CSV and the share menu for a panel has an option for rendering as a png.

I’ve made a short script to send every day an email with choosen graphes:


Check out, which can create pdf reports from grafana dashboards.

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Thank you for your grafana_mail script. I customized it for me.

But I think, it would be better to call the template of Grafana’s default Alert e-mail timed. Didn’t you or anybody try this?

I dont understand how we can generate a report in grafana by the way im using grafana with influxb