Getting Started docs and guides

Is there a youtube ‘getting started’ video that walks one through creating a dashboard in GrafanaCloud? Or a beginner’s document? I find tons on the non-cloud Grafana but the interface while similar isn’t identical and so cannot use that to figure out the interface in the cloud version. Thanks!

The UI should be identical. There is no special fork of Grafana for GrafanaCloud. Are you having a specific problem (not being able to create users etc.)?

Hi Daniel – Yes, at first I thought the GUI was different but subsequently see it does have the same interface. Thank you for the reply.

Sitting with same questions, happy to call me stupid, I am at the moment.

I created the login, now what, I’m collecting data via Python scripts, (locally also storing in a Mysql database), which I want to send it to Grafana/Cloud and then graph.
Can someone point me to a youtube clip or a doc that tells me how.

Thinking I first need to create a datastore on Grafana, then get the data there through some upload call, and then create the graphs on the Grafana sight that visualise my data.


@tinman In your case it might be easier to use a local Grafana (it is really easy on all platforms) than to try and connect GrafanaCloud and your mysql server over the internet.